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Honduras Water & Sanitation Project

Through its club foundation and The Rotary Foundation’s grants programs, the Rotary Club of FishHawk-Riverview identifies at least one international cause to support each year. For the last few years, the club’s international focus has been centered on clean water and sanitation. Working with a Rotary district in Michigan, FishHawk-Riverview Rotarians have been raising money to provide life-saving bio-sand water filters to impoverished families in Honduras.

While US based Rotary clubs provide much of the means for such a project, Rotarians in Honduras serve as hosts and coordinators. Collectively, Rotarians are involved every step of the way, ensuring that funds are properly governed and the project is executed as planned. The Rotary Club of FishHawk-Riverview has pledged a minimum of 100 filters at an estimated cost of $125 per unit.

Each bio-sand filter system is installed in a single family dwelling and is capable of providing clean water to a family of four for up to 10 years. FishHawk-Riverview Rotarians traveled to Honduras in February 2016 to deliver, inspect and install the 100 filters. 

 Our Clean Water project continued for 2017 and was the purchase and installation of 100 engineered latrines in Comayagua, Honduras. They are custom built at the El Ayudante Mission with the help of many Rotarians and many local residents. They are transported and installed at the recipient's homes.This project was completed in September 2017. Rotary Clubs from throughout the Tampa Bay area have partnered along with us and the local Honduras Rotary Club to make this project possible. 

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The  next trip for more work in Honduras is scheduled for March, 2020. For information about this trip, contact us and we will get right back to you.

Downloadable Summary

Honduras-Clean-Water-SUMMARY (pdf)


More Projects

Adopt A Road


 Volunteers enter into a two-year agreement with DOT, during which they agree to conduct litter removal at regularly scheduled intervals. Many miles of highway are adopted statewide by various organizations, allowing civic-minded people to make a difference in their communities. This eases the load of DOT work crews, enabling them to devote more time to other road maintenance and special highway projects. .

Support for E.C.H.O.


 The goal of ECHO is to end hunger in southeastern Hillsborough County. Immediate hunger is addressed through a fully stocked food pantry. Each individual served through the pantry receives at least 20 pounds of food, consisting of fresh meat, produce, cheese, eggs, margarine, and canned goods. Families in crisis are also given full access to the 2000 square foot clothing room. Each family member is encouraged to take up to 7 outfits each.  Long-term hunger is alleviated through stability programs such as a vibrant job skills training program, GED instruction, and financial literacy resources. 

A Kids Place


 Located on five acres in Brandon, Florida A Kid’s Place has five homes on an expansive tree-lined campus that provide a safe, home-like environment in a neighborhood setting.  Our residential program services children from birth to age 18, who have been removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment.  We provide a variety of services which meet the social, educational, medical, and psychological needs of each child.  Our primary focus is to keep sibling groups together in a safe, stable, and nurturing environment until a more permanent placement can be provided. 

Rotary Camp Florida


 Rotary's Camp Florida is a Project of the Florida Rotary Districts

 Every child deserves the opportunity the chance to fully enjoy camp, regardless of their physical or medical limitations. We work hard to make sure our camp eliminates every barrier to fun and enjoyment! 

We do not provide actual camp programs but we are committed to working with special needs groups to ensure that they have the space, freedom and facilities available to provide their participants with the camping experience of their lives.

Trick or Treat Street


 The purpose of this special annual event is to create a safe place for children of all ages to have fun and share in the tradition of trick or treating while meeting local businesses, churches and other local organizations. Thousands of local residents flock to get candy, play games, enjoy bounce houses, eat food and win prizes. 

Our Rotary Club gets in there and participates each year by dressing up, opening a booth and giving out candy to the thousands of children who come.