Honduras Project

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Through its club foundation and The Rotary Foundation’s grants programs, the Rotary Club of FishHawk-Riverview identifies at least one international cause to support each year. For the last few years, the club’s international focus has been centered on clean water and sanitation. Working with a Rotary district in Michigan, FishHawk-Riverview Rotarians have been raising money to provide life-saving bio-sand water filters to impoverished families in Honduras.

While US based Rotary clubs provide much of the means for such a project, Rotarians in Honduras serve as hosts and coordinators. Collectively, Rotarians are involved every step of the way, ensuring that funds are properly governed and the project is executed as planned. The Rotary Club of FishHawk-Riverview has pledged a minimum of 100 filters at an estimated cost of $125 per unit.

Each bio-sand filter system is installed in a single family dwelling and is capable of providing clean water to a family of four for up to 10 years. FishHawk-Riverview Rotarians traveled to Honduras in February 2016 to deliver, inspect and install the 100 filters.

Honduras Latrine Project March , 2020

Clean Water Summary

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